Teaching with Podcasts: Podcast Assignments, Scholarship, & Pedagogy

Sep 20, 2017Podcast, Publications

I have a new article up on Ideas on Fire covering how to teach with podcasts: podcast assignments for students, how to assign podcasts as scholarship, and how to teach students how to listen critically.

Teaching with podcasts can incredibly rewarding and fun. Just as bringing films, television shows, and digital projects into the classroom can improve student learning (and make grading more enjoyable), podcasts too can help your students engage with course themes in new and more complex ways.

In this article, Cathy Hannabach, host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast, explains how you can integrate podcasts into your classroom as both scholarship and production assignments, as well as tips on how to ensure a great learning experience for everyone in the process. Whether you’re teaching individual episodes to accompany course readings, small miniseries to structure course units, or entire shows across the semester, podcasts are a great addition to the classroom.

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