Imagine Otherwise: Amber Rose González, Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes, & Nadia Zepeda on Mujeres de Maiz

May 28, 2024Podcast

A new episode of Imagine Otherwise just dropped! In episode 160, I interview Amber Rose González, Felicia Montes, and Nadia Zepeda—three legendary feminist artists, activists, and scholars from the genre-defying, transnational feminist of color collective Mujeres de Maiz.

Amber, Felicia, and Nadia are also editors of a new book called Mujeres de Maiz en Movimiento: Spiritual Artivism, Healing Justice, and Feminist Praxis, which was recently published by the University of Arizona Press and indexed by Ideas on Fire.

I am incredibly excited to bring these fantastic folks on the show as both the book and the collective from which it springs are in many ways the quintessential example of the art, activism, and academia braid at the heart of Imagine Otherwise and Ideas on Fire.

In our conversation, Amber, Felicia, and Nadia share their journey with Mujeres de Maiz and the collective liberation the group is building. Traversing poetry, performance, zines, healing ceremonies, visual art, autoethnography, and a plethora of other mediums, these scholars demonstrate the power of collaboration and intersectional solidarity.

We chat about how the book publishing process builds on their longstanding practices of making publishing more accessible and collaborative, embodying the political and ethical commitments found across their art and activism as well.

We also discuss how intergenerational knowledge transmission and other forms of community education dovetail with classroom teaching to create radical spaces of learning. 

Finally, we close out the conversation with Amber, Felicia, and Nadia’s vision for a world in which many worlds are possible and how Mujeres de Maiz collectively brings those worlds into being.

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Cite this episode: Hannabach, Cathy (host). “Amber Rose González, Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes, & Nadia Zepeda on Mujeres de Maiz.” Imagine Otherwise. May 28, 2024. Produced by Cathy Hannabach and Ideas on Fire. Podcast. 23:23.

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