Cathy Hannabach wearing a black shirt and jeans, leaning against a desk in a teal and red office

Cathy Hannabach, PhD, is a book editor, podcaster, and writer who helps interdisciplinary academics turn their vibrant ideas into reality and get their work into the communities they want to reach.

She is the founder and CEO of Ideas on Fire, an academic publishing and consulting agency helping interdisciplinary, progressive academics write and publish awesome texts, enliven public conversations, and create more just worlds.

Dr. Hannabach also hosts the Imagine Otherwise podcast, which highlights the awesome people and projects bridging art, activism, and academia to build better worlds. Imagine Otherwise’s programming partners have included the Smithsonian Asian American Pacific Center, Tangle Movement Arts, and the Association for Asian American Studies.

She is the author of Blood Cultures: Medicine, Media, and Militarisms (2015), which traces the cultural history of blood as it both enabled twentieth-century US imperialism and was creatively transformed by feminist, anticolonial, anticapitalist, and queer artists and activists. She is also the author of Book Marketing for Academics (2016), which teaches you how to harness your resources, skills, and time to build your author platform and get the word out about your awesome new book.

Her writing has also been published in scholarly journals, edited collections, newspapers, and blogs, including Cultural Politics, Women & Performance, Succeeding Beyond Academia, Social Text: Periscope, Studies in Gender and Sexuality Studies, the Journal of Homosexuality, Bully Bloggers, Time & Society, Zombies and Sexuality, and the California Aggie.

A former dancer and long-time proponent of community arts, Dr. Hannabach sits on the executive board of the DP Arts Consortium. She is the founder of Philly Queer Media and the Pittsburgh Contemporary Queer Cinema Series, and has collaborated with artists and curators on projects including the ‘Ae Kai Culture Lab, a multimedia exhibition featuring Indigenous Pacific artists in Hawai'i; Signal Boosting, a podcast miniseries highlighting emerging scholars creating socially engaged and multimedia work; and Phreak n Queer, a queer and trans arts and music festival spotlighting visual, performing, and musical artists in the US Northeast.

She received her PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of California, Davis and her BA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Hannabach has taught courses in gender and sexuality studies, film studies, and American studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of California, Davis, and the University of California, Berkeley.