How Are You Celebrating International Podcast Day 2018?

How Are You Celebrating International Podcast Day 2018?

September 27, 2018
Logo for International Podcast Day against a black background. Logo has a grey microphone and the text "International Podcast Day, September 30"

International Podcast Day 2018 is coming up this Sunday September 30. I’ll be celebrating by listening to some of my favorite shows and working on the next episode of my podcast, Imagine Otherwise.

Ways to celebrate

Listen to and subscribe to your favorite podcasts! It’s totally FREE.

Find new podcasts: try a new genre, show, or format and see what you’ve been missing. If you’re already planning to create a podcast, this could be a great day to launch.

Make a podcast! If you’ve been curious about podcast production, take the time to sketch out what your podcast could cover and how you would put it together.

Tell a friend about a podcast they might like or tell them what podcasts are if they’ve never heard of them.

Three of my favorite podcast miniseries

Some Imagine Otherwise episodes to get you started

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