Imagine Otherwise: Amy Lam on Feminist Travel Writing

Jan 9, 2020Podcast

Check out episode 102 of Imagine Otherwise!

I interview podcaster, travel writer, and journalist Amy Lam about the power of feminist podcasting, how histories of race and colonialism shape the ways different women of color approach leisure travel, how to write travel stories that ditch the cis white guy tropes for more political and accessible forms, and why drawing inspiration from her childhood dreams of a more just future is how Amy imagines otherwise.

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You can also read the transcript and show notes on the Ideas on Fire website, which have links to Amy’s work and all the concepts, people, and events we discuss on the show (great for teaching!).

Guest: Amy Lam

Amy Lam is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon.

She is a contributing editor and cohost of the Backtalk podcast at Bitch Media, the editorial assistant at diaCRITICS, and the former editorial lead at On She Goes, which explores the world of women of color and travel.

Amy is a Kundiman fellow and received an MFA from the University of Mississippi where she was the John and Renee Grisham fellow. 

Her work has appeared and is forthcoming in Tin House, Gay Mag, Pacifica Literary Review, Utne Reader, and Papercutter.

She is a former punk kid, who penned a long-running column in Razorcake, the only nonprofit music magazine in the US.  

Key quote

Often the people who have been doing the travel writing or setting the tone and boundaries of travel culture are people who often have the means and resources to travel and to be paid to think and write about it. But now that travel writing and travel is more accessible, I think we’re getting new voices that are talking about what it means to move around the world and how to travel responsibly, how to be a good visitor, and what is our impact as travelers versus only thinking about how the travel experience will impact us.

– Amy Lam on episode 102 of the Imagine Otherwise podcast


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