100th Episode of Imagine Otherwise!

100th Episode of Imagine Otherwise!

November 21, 2019

We just released the 100th episode of Imagine Otherwise! In the episode, I reflect on the past 3 years of interviewing artists, filmmakers, chefs, dancers, authors, poets, teachers, scholars, and movement leaders about how they combine art, activism, and academia to build more just worlds.

The episode highlights some of our fans’ most talked about and popular episodes. If you’re new to the show and this is your first episode, welcome and this will hopefully also be a good overview to get you started. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning, the middle, or just started listening, this episode is for you.


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You can also read the transcript and show notes on the Ideas on Fire website, which have links to the episodes discussed (great for teaching!).

Cathy Hannabach wearing a purple shirt and glasses. Quote reads: Imagine Otherwise highlights work bridging art, activism, and academia. I often get asked "What's so special about that combo?" My answer: Whether it's called public scholarship, socially engaged art, or critical movement building, work that braids together these realms is just richer. Fundamentally interdisciplinary and vibrantly creative, it draws strengths from all these traditions.

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