PhD Mentorship Series: How To Be a Good Mentee

Mar 14, 2017Publications

I have a new article up on Ideas on Fire about PhD mentorship, specifically how to foster and nurture mentoring relationships when you are the one being mentored.

Finding mentors can be enormously helpful in navigating your career paths. But once you have identified great mentors and set up those connections, how do you keep those relationships strong? What do mentors do and what don’t they do? And how can you be a good mentee?

In this third installment of our three-part series on mentorship, we are tackling the issue of how to keep your new mentoring relationships strong over the long term by being a good mentee.

In part 1, Alexandra Sastre addresses the ins and outs of How to Find a Good Mentor to help you navigate academia’s challenges. In part 2, Kate Drabinski explores why we should seek to be mentors and How to Be a Good Mentor. Here in part 3, Cathy Hannabach shares her insight on how to keep these new mentoring relationships strong.

Read the article at Ideas on Fire

Image credit: WOC in Tech Chat ( Check them out, they’re awesome!

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