PhD Mentorship and Grad School Coaching Profile: Cathy Hannabach

Aug 9, 2017 | Publications

Over at Ideas on Fire, Alexandra Sastre interviewed me about my approach to PhD mentorship, the advice I wish I’d received as a grad student, how I like to build community, and my career trajectory from college professor to founder of Ideas on Fire.

Your Rockstar coaches help you wade through the stress and expectations of academic life, and impart the skills you need to thrive in your careers and beyond. Through the Grad School Rockstars community, they help you become your best self. So why not get to know them a little better?

Over the next few weeks, our resident Rockstar coaches, Cathy Hannabach, Kate Drabinski, Terry K. Park, and Julia Jordan-Zachery, will share their thoughts on community, mentoring, careers, and more.

First up, the original Rockstar coach and Ideas on Fire founder Cathy Hannabach reflects on her career journey, her passion for collaboration, and helping others figure out what makes them tick.

Read the interview at Ideas on Fire

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