When to Hire an Academic Editor and Indexer for Your Book

Aug 8, 2018 | Publications

My new article on hiring an academic editor and indexer is up on Ideas on Fire!

So you know that working with a professional editor or indexer would help you create an awesome scholarly book. But when exactly are you supposed to do that? And how do you know if your manuscript is ready for editing or indexing?

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of the revision process, maybe you just got reader reports back, or maybe you have a contract in hand. Professional editors and indexers can help you hone your argument, polish your writing, format all those citations, and craft a fantastic index that ensures audiences will read and cite your book.

On the Ideas on Fire blog, I explain the specific stages of book writing and publishing and where in the process you can book editors and indexers to help you out.

Read the article on the Ideas on Fire site.

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