What to Include in Your Academic Speaker Contract (for online or in-person events)

Apr 9, 2021 | Publications

Recently, I had a conversation with some faculty about the many Zoom-based invited lectures and keynotes they have given over the past year as part of the pandemic-spurred shift to online academic events.

One professor noted that the shift online means that many more people attend her talks now than when they were in person. Although grateful for the improved event accessibility, as someone who has experienced online harassment, she worries about increased visibility when event organizers post the video recordings online without any of the Zoom-based protections they provide in the live events.

Another professor wondered how a university would be using the recording of her recent talk as part of their branding, as event organizers had not explained this in any of the event planning.

When I asked how they negotiated recording and copyright for their talks, these faculty and others I have talked to since were surprised that was even a possibility.

Over on the Ideas on Fire website is my outline of elements that scholars should consider when negotiating their speaker contract.

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