Public Engagement and Impact: Enrollment is Open!

Jun 16, 2020News

Ideas on Fire’s newest course, Public Engagement and Impact, is now open for enrollment!

Most of us started higher education careers because we wanted to make a difference—we wanted to help build better worlds. But to do so, our research, skills, and creativity need to reach broader audiences than just fellow scholars.

Public Engagement and Impact is a self-paced, online course that helps you share your research and build community to make concrete change beyond the academy.

Whether you’re brand-new to taking your work public or a seasoned public intellectual looking to broaden your reach, this course can help you develop public engagement strategies that fit your resources and goals—including how to do public engagement online in a pandemic.

Public Engagement and Impact - Collage of person recording a podcast, person speaking into a microphone holding a book, person teaching an online course, and the editorial section of a newspaper


Why Go Public

  • Lesson: Why Public Engagement Matters
  • Lesson: Finding Your Best Strategies


  • Lesson: Adapting Your Voice
  • Lesson: Writing Crossover Books

Trade Publishers

  • Lesson: Finding a Literary Agent
  • Lesson: Pitching to Publications
  • Lesson: Working with Editors

Making It Count

  • Lesson: Getting Paid
  • Lesson: Tenure and Promotion

Social Media

  • Lesson: Social Media Basics
  • Lesson: Surviving Trolls

Multimedia Work

  • Lesson: Podcasting and Video
  • Lesson: Public Events
  • Lesson: Born-Digital Texts


  • Lesson: Working with Journalists
  • Lesson: Working with Community Organizations


  • Lesson: Building Your Website
  • Lesson: Delivering a Great Author Talk
  • Lesson: Planning a Virtual Book Tour
Public Engagement and Impact - Collage of person recording a virtual interview, person speaking at a podium, two people holding up protest signs, and person posting on social media

Course format

16 videos + 16 transcripts + 16 slide decks

When you enroll, you get immediate access to all course materials on our course platform Thinkific.

Each lesson has a video, written transcript, and slide deck that explain key podcasting elements and take you through how to implement the material to create your own show.

You can work through the lessons at your own pace, in whichever order you prefer, and even skip around if you like.

Lessons are always available so there’s no need to deal with instructor schedules or changing enrollment periods.

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