The Revamped and Expanded Professional Academic Editing Course Is Here!

Aug 23, 2020 | News

I am excited to announce that the much-anticipated, revamped version of Ideas on Fire’s popular course Introduction to Professional Academic Editing is now live!

Since its creation in 2017, hundreds of students have worked their way through this course and used its content to expand their editorial businesses, make the leap into full-time editing, and have the confidence to specialize and demand what they’re worth.

And then COVID-19 happened. Throughout 2020, we have worked with editors and academics who are now scrambling to find plan B and want to build an editing business that will be relevant in the new economy—whatever that ends up looking like.

We completely revamped the course content and structure to meet this new context. The course reflects transformations in the editorial landscape since the original version, including COVID-19-related changes to academic publishing, new editing tools, style-manual updates, the pivot to online learning, and socially distant conferences and training opportunities.

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