Podcast Interview Tips for Academics, Artists, and Activists

Nov 8, 2016Publications

I have a new piece up at Ideas on Fire offering podcast interview tips for academics, artists, and activists.

At Ideas on Fire, we have a blast hosting and producing the Imagine Otherwise podcast which features people and projects bridging art, activism, and academia to build better worlds. Podcasts like this are a fantastic way for authors, artists, and cultural workers to engage in public scholarship, market their books, and connect with new audiences.

They’re also a great opportunity for podcast hosts to introduce their audiences to new people and projects. Through Imagine Otherwise, Cathy Hannabach has gotten to interview some amazing folks about their books, films, organizations, and performances. In the process, she’s also had a lot of questions from guests and listeners about how to be a good podcast guest or how to best prepare for a podcast interview.

In this article, she shares how you can be a great podcast guest and rock your interview.

Read the article at Ideas on Fire

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