Planning Your Virtual Book Launch

Feb 11, 2021 | Publications

I’ve been asked a lot recently about how folks can do book marketing now that everything is shut down or moved to virtual spaces. So I wrote an article on how to plan a virtual book launch, which can be found over on the Ideas on Fire website.

A book launch is a crucial part of successful academic book marketing. Like everything else these days, such launches are now primarily virtual. A book launch is not a single event and it doesn’t refer to when the “buy now” button goes live on your publisher’s website. Instead, it is is a series of planned practices you undertake over several months to connect with audiences and let people know how your book can help them.

So how can you plan out a launch that helps you meet your goals for your book while also remaining flexible enough to adapt to the large changes we’re all living with right now? Here are some of the key elements of a successful virtual book launch that I recommend to both first-time and seasoned authors alike.

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