How Interdisciplinarity Builds New Worlds: Dismantle Magazine Interview

Jul 9, 2019News

The awesome Elise Chatelain, co-founder of Dismantle Magazine, interviewed me for the magazine and it was just published!

Read the article at Dismantle

We talk about how Ideas on Fire grew from a one-woman freelance operation to a full-fledged editing and indexing agency;  the behind-the-scenes work of running a feminist company; the best parts of producing the Imagine Otherwise podcast; how the most vibrant movements happen at the intersections of art, activism, and academia; why writing a book not based on your dissertation is particularly freeing; why public scholarship is taking over the publishing industry (and needs to!); the long history of PhDs building vibrant careers beyond the academy; and why interdisciplinary and multimedia work can change the world.

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