New article: A Farewell to Ibid.: Editing Footnotes at ACES

New article: A Farewell to Ibid.: Editing Footnotes at ACES

May 21, 2019
A Farewell to Ibid, Editing Footnotes - Red notebook with a red pencil resting on top

I have a new co-authored article (with Sarah Grey) out on the process of editing footnotes and endnotes.

A Farewell to Ibid.: Editing Footnotes at ACES

As editors from around the United States and the world gathered in Providence, Rhode Island, for the annual ACES conference last month, there was plenty of merriment—not to mention a bit of tongue-in-cheek mourning—as we began our session on editing footnotes, titled “A Farewell to Ibid.”

Read the article at Ideas on Fire

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