Running and Working with Editing Agencies

Aug 14, 2023Events, News

I’m really excited to be part of a panel discussion about editing agencies at the upcoming 2023 Editorial Freelancers Association conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

I’ll be talking about running the academic editing agency Ideas on Fire and my approach to centering critical generosity in that process. We’ll be covering best practices for working with an agency as a freelance editor as well as what goes into designing and running an editing agency yourself.


Growing your freelance editing business can happen in numerous ways, and two of those ways involve agencies—that is, loosely, a group of professionals contracting for work under the same company banner.

Whether you’re thinking about growing your own agency to better leverage your time or considering how working for an agency can boost your bottom line, this panel of agency leaders will share many important insights and answer those questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask.


Ally Machate, The Writer’s Ally

Cynthia Williams, Dragonfly Editing

Cathy Hannabach, Ideas on Fire

About the conference

The Editorial Freelancers Association conference gathers freelance editors, proofreaders, literary coaches, researchers, writers, and other editorial professionals to network and develop professionally—a rare opportunity for solo entrepreneurs.

You can register here.

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