Art-Based Research and Community-Based Research

Jun 6, 2017 | Events, News

I’m very excited top be hosting a webinar with Dr. Aymar Jean Christian on art-based research and community-based research. Come join us on June 21 or watch the replay anytime.

Universities and non-profits are increasingly asking scholars to craft more interdisciplinary research, with greater public impact and more possibility for student involvement and training. In this free workshop, Dr. Aymar Jean Christian, founder of Open TV, will introduce researchers to a framework for crafting arts- and community-based projects that provide robust data and narratives for scholarly publication, meaningful resources to communities, experimentation in artistry, and the possibility for critique in both method and theory. The session will use Open TV, a platform for web-based, local, intersectional television as a springboard to discussing the practice of public, engaged, and critical research.

Register now to join us live on Wednesday, June 21, 1-2pm EST or to access the video anytime

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