How to Design Accessible Events

Jan 17, 2017 | Publications

I have a new article up on Ideas on Fire, co-authored with Adrienne Shaw, where we explain how faculty, student organizations, and university departments can plan accessible events and why they need to.

Accessibility is a social justice issue, one that academics have addressed head-on in their syllabi, university policies, and student services. But many academic events still are not accessible to most bodies.

Accessibility refers to how people with various bodies, abilities and disabilities, gender/racial/sexual/class identities, economic and cultural resources, citizenship statuses, relationships, and responsibilities can participate in something—in this case, an academic event. So how can you make your event more accessible to a wide range of attendees, speakers, and staff?

We put together a guide explaining how your can design your event for the widest audience possible (and why you should).

Read the article at Ideas on Fire

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