How to Create a Semester Plan that Fits Your Real Life

Dec 29, 2016 | Events, News

On January 11, I’m delivering a webinar on how to create a semester plan that fits your real life (and your real schedule, resources, and energy levels). Come join us! You can also watch the replay anytime.

Do you start off the semester with big ideas, tons of energy, and huge writing goals but struggle to keep that momentum or actually finish all those dream projects? Ideas and energy aren’t enough to finish the huge projects we tackle as academics. You need a comprehensive and holistic road map showing you where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

In this webinar, Ideas on Fire President Dr. Cathy Hannabach will share Ideas on Fire Road Map tool (a semester plan template) for mapping out a great semester. Your road map contains the big goals and holistic vision for what you want to accomplish this semester, as well as all the real-life professional AND personal projects and responsibilities you have going on because life doesn’t magically get put on hold just because you’re an academic.

Register now to join us live on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 1-2pm EST or to access the video any time.

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