Publishing Your First Book: A Workshop for Early-Career Faculty

Publishing Your First Book: A Workshop for Early-Career Faculty

April 2, 2018

I’m off to the University of Michigan next week to lead an Ideas on Fire workshop on how to publishing your first book (usually your tenure book), specifically aimed at early-career faculty in global media studies.

Publishing Your First Book / Tenure Book: A Workshop for Early-Career Faculty

Revising your dissertation into a book (usually your tenure book) requires more than cutting the literature review and adding a new chapter. It requires framing the entire project from a student exercise to a cohesive scholarly contribution that diverse audiences will actually buy.

This hands-on, all-day workshop covers how to identify your book’s audience, craft a new frame, revise the argument for that audience, and find the best publisher for your project.

Attendees will also workshop their book proposal draft, getting feedback from developmental editor Dr. Cathy Hannabach of Ideas on Fire and editorial director Mary Francis of the University of Michigan Press.

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