Prop 8 and the Limits of Marriage

Nov 18, 2008Publications

“Prop 8 and the Limits of Marriage.” California Aggie, November 18, 2008. 3. 

co-authored with Toby Beauchamp, Abigail Boggs, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D’Harlingue, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, Judy Sanchez, Kara Thompson, and Mark Yanez

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ABSTRACT: It’s not just homophobia that enabled the recent passage of California’s Proposition 8, which eliminates marital rights for same-sex couples. The authors of this op-ed argue that although they strongly condemn the homophobia that California’s Prop 8 represents and institutionalizes, they believe this is an important moment for the mainstream LGBT movement to reconsider its goals and strategies. Instead of last-minute attempts to win votes from communities of color without actually addressing their needs, long-term coalitions must be built that work against broader forms of oppression.

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