Happy International Podcast Day!

Happy International Podcast Day!

September 30, 2020
International Podcast Day logo with podcasting microphone and teal and orange letters

It’s International Podcast Day! Each year the podcasting community comes together to celebrate our favorite media form.

It’s a great opportunity to discover new shows, send your favorite podcasters some love, binge listen that season you’ve been meaning to, or even start your own show.

When I started my show Imagine Otherwise back in 2016, I never imagined it would grow the way it has. In the years since, I have loved meeting other podcasters, learning how to make the show better, interviewing guests, and connecting with so many wonderful fans. I love podcasting as a medium and am excited to celebrate another International Podcast Day!

Some of my favorite Imagine Otherwise episodes

Dorinne Kondo wearing a black shirt, smiling

Dorinne Kondo on Reparative Creativity

Sasha Costanza-Chock wearing a red shawl, headwrap, and black skirt, sitting in a studio

Sasha Costanza-Chock on Design Justice

Black and white photo of Alix Olson wearing a black sweatshirt

Alix Olson on Transitioning from Performer to Professor

Marisol LeBrón wearing a blue checked shirt and glasses in front of a bookcase

Marisol LeBrón on an Anti-Colonial Abolitionist Praxis

Melody Jue wearing a grey patterned shirt in front of a stone building

Melody Jue on Thinking through Seawater

Sandra Ruiz wearing a grey vest and black shirt

Sandra Ruiz on Resetting the Colonial Clock

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