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Photo of Sami Schalk and her book Bodyminds Reimagined: (Dis)ability, Race, and Gender in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction
May 10, 2018

Upcoming event: Author Meets Critics: Sami Schalk on Bodyminds Reimagined

I'm organizing three Author Meets Critics sessions at the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference. Come on by! Sami Schalk in conversation with Anastasia Karklina an Author Meets Critics session Listen to a recording of this… Continue Reading

Modernist blue glass building with curved roof
May 3, 2018

Cultural Studies Careers: Professional Training and Mentorship

I'm heading to Pittsburgh soon for the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference where the I'll be talking about the many careers you can have with a cultural studies degree. Workshop for Cultural Studies Job Seekers… Continue Reading

Glass globe in forest
May 1, 2018

Planning Your Interdisciplinary Job Search: A Workshop

I'm leading an Ideas on Fire workshop at Yale University this week for the Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program on the unique challenges and pleasures of an interdisciplinary job search. I'd love to see… Continue Reading

Colorful blue, purple, and orange glass separated with black
April 30, 2018

Cultural Studies Careers: Becoming an Academic Editor

I'm heading to Pittsburgh soon to lead a workshop at the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference on professional academic editor training. Come on by! More PhDs work off the tenure track than on it, and… Continue Reading

Yellow and orange spiral lights against black background, looks like a tunnel of light
April 26, 2018

Your Interdisciplinary Writing Superpower: A Workshop

I'm heading to Ann Arbor soon to lead an Ideas on Fire workshop at the 2018 International Conference of NextGen Korean Studies Scholars on your interdisciplinary superpower! (Bet you didn't know you had one, right?… Continue Reading

Laptop and papers on a table outside, surrounded by plants
April 12, 2018

Breaking into Academic Editing: A Workshop for Editors

What is academic editing all about? I'm off to Chicago next week to lead a workshop all about it. In this introductory-level session at the 2018 ACES Society for Editing conference in Chicago, three academic… Continue Reading

Desk with laptops, keyboard, computer monitor, and plant
April 5, 2018

Writing for Research: Using Writing to Think, Teach, and Create

I'm heading to the University of Michigan next week to teach an Ideas on Fire workshop on writing techniques for interdisciplinary scholars, specifically aimed at graduate students and early-career faculty in communication and media studies. Writing… Continue Reading

Wood desk with white keyboard, headphones, and coffee mug
April 2, 2018

Publishing Your First Book: A Workshop for Early-Career Faculty

I'm off to the University of Michigan next week to lead an Ideas on Fire workshop on how to publishing your first book (usually your tenure book), specifically aimed at early-career faculty in global media studies.… Continue Reading

Turning your Dissertation into a Book - Colorful books on black shelves
October 31, 2017

Revising Your Dissertation into a Book: A webinar

On November 14, I'm leading a webinar on going from dissertation to book. Come join us! Going from dissertation to book can be daunting. You’ve been working on this project for a decade but don’t… Continue Reading