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Curation and Creative Projects

Podcast miniseries, community arts series, events, and public humanities projects bringing artists, academics, and activists together to spark new worlds.

Logo for 'Ae Kai Culture Lab, logo is a yellow circle with green mountains an blue ocean waves

'Ae Kai Podcast Miniseries

A 3-episode miniseries collaboration between Ideas on Fire and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center exploring the ‘Ae Kai Culture Lab in Honolulu Hawai‘i.

Each week, Cathy Hannabach interviews curators, artists, and scholars involved with ‘Ae Kai about climate change and environmental activism in Hawai‘i, solidarities and activism across the Pacific archipelago, queer and trans indigenous art, Hawaiian sovereignty and the ongoing fight against US colonialism in the region, and the way that the racial, gender, national, decolonial, and environmental convergences of Hawai‘i help us imagine and produce different worlds.

Bright, multicolored abstract art painted on a brick wall, text reads: Interventions: An Imagine Otherwise podcast miniseries

Interventions Podcast Miniseries

A 3-episode miniseries that was recorded live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference.

In each episode, Cathy Hannabach interviews an author whose recently published cultural studies book has made a big splash beyond the academy in the areas of speculative fiction, fan cultures, urban planning and design, law, and public policy.

These authors’ books show how the intersections of disability, race, gender, and sexuality have shaped everything from sci-fi/fantasy novels to police violence, curb cut activism, urban architecture, and the design of public restrooms.

Blue background with black sound wave, text reads: Signal Boosting: A collaboration by Ideas on Fire, Association for Asian AMerican Studies, and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

Signal Boosting Podcast Miniseries

A 5-episode podcast miniseries collaboration between the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Ideas on Fire, and the Association for Asian American Studies.

Each week during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Cathy Hannabach interviews an emerging scholar who is building new audiences for the field of Asian American studies.

The Signal Boosting miniseries aims to show how interdisciplinary scholars, activists, and artists are producing socially engaged work in multimedia forms, as well as inspire you to create your own.

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Authors Meet Critics Event Series

An annual event series at the Cultural Studies Association conference bringing together authors of cutting-edge books in the field of cultural studies with discussants to talk through what cultural studies offers to the public sphere.

These events particularly foreground the work of emerging scholars and books that break down barriers between the academy and broader social, political, and cultural worlds.

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Philly Queer Media

A 2-year event series bringing together Philadelphia-based artists, academics, and activists committed to media and social change.

Philly Queer Media showcased and critically analyzed work by contemporary media artists addressing the intersections of queer political activism and queer media production, particularly work that foregrounds the intersections of race, class, disability, sexuality, and gender.

The series included events at local theaters, universities, libraries, bookstores, and community spaces around Philadelphia.

Yellow bridge in Pittsburgh with setting sun, text reads: Pittsburgh Queer Cinemas

Pittsburgh Contemporary Queer Cinemas

A hybrid community/campus public humanities project that brought together local Pittsburgh community members, students, filmmakers, theater owners, and artists who are interested in how imaging technologies construct bodies, paying particular attention to the role of queer publics in such a process.

It included public film screenings, a speaker series, a digital portfolio and blog, and undergraduate course taught at the University of Pittsburgh.

This interdisciplinary project emphasized the multiple contexts in which we learn and teach each other in ways that include but are not reducible to university spaces or titles.