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November 18, 2008

Prop 8 and the Limits of Marriage

"Prop 8 and the Limits of Marriage." California Aggie, November 18, 2008. 3.  co-authored with Toby Beauchamp, Abigail Boggs, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D'Harlingue, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, Judy Sanchez, Kara Thompson, and Mark Yanez Read… Continue Reading

May 20, 2008

Marriage Ruling Obscures Larger Discrimination Issue

"Marriage Ruling Obscures Larger Discrimination Issue." California Aggie, May 20, 2008.  https://theaggie.org/2008/05/20/editorial-samesex-marriage. co-authored with Toby Beauchamp, Steven Blevins, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D'Harlingue, Christopher Lee, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, and Kara Thompson Read article (link) ABSTRACT:… Continue Reading