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Peer-Reviewed Articles & Chapters

Bodies on Display: Queer Biopolitics in Popular Culture.” Journal of Homosexuality, 63.3 (2016): 349–68.

Queering and Cripping the End of the World: Disability, Sex, and Zombies in The Walking Dead.” Zombies and Sexuality. Eds. Shaka McGlotten and Steve Jones. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2014. 106–22.

Technologies of Blood: Asylum, Medicine, and Biopolitics.” Cultural Politics 9.1 (2013): 22–41.

Choreographing a Queer Ethics: Between Bill T. Jones and Keith Hennessy.” Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory 22.4 (2013): 83-106.

Securing Blood: PEPFAR and Neoliberal War.” Social Text: Periscope. Special Issue on “War, Economy, Labor, and Life” (June 2013).

Anxious Embodiment, Disability, and Sexuality: A Response to Margrit Shildrick.” Studies in Gender and Sexuality 8.3 (2007): 253–61.


Marriage Ruling Obscures Larger Discrimination Issue.”California Aggie, May 20, 2008.

co-authored with Toby Beauchamp, Steven Blevins, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D’Harlingue, Christopher Lee, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, and Kara Thompson

Prop 8 and the Limits of Marriage.” California Aggie, November 18, 2008. 3. 

co-authored with Toby Beauchamp, Abigail Boggs, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D’Harlingue, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, Judy Sanchez, Kara Thompson, and Mark Yanez