Through my academic publishing and consulting agency Ideas on Fire, I help interdisciplinary, progressive academics write and publish awesome texts, enliven public conversations, and create more just worlds.

Editing, photo by John Donges, (c) Cathy Hannabach 2014


You have an awesome idea. Now let us help you make your argument shine with strong claims, clear organization, and a compelling narrative arc.

We offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading over the course of your project.

Index from Assuming a Body, photo (c) Cathy Hannabach 2014


An index is your book’s road map, ensuring it gets read, debated, and cited.

We can craft an index for you that orients your reader to your book’s stellar arguments, connects your scholarship to that of other authors, and helps your reader navigate your book so that they can cite and build on it in their own work.

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Grad School Rockstar Program

Learn about our signature group coaching program, the Grad School Rockstar Program.

The program applies social justice lessons to academia, helping you develop sustainable habits that can grow with you as you move through grad school and into your career, and find the accountability and support you need to create powerful work that resonates with your communities.


Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp

Ready to rock your dissertation?

The bootcamp offers dissertation lessons, activities, and personalized coaching to ensure you make steady progress on your project. Come get ongoing writing support, accountability, and community with fellow progressive, interdisciplinary rockstars writing kick-ass dissertations.


Book Marketing for Academics

In today’s publishing world, presses expect authors to be the primary marketers of their books but often don’t offer much practical guidance for what that actually means or how to do it. Book Marketing for Academics teaches you how to harness your resources, skills, and time to build your author platform and community and get the word out about your awesome new book.