Open for summer enrollment: Grad School Rockstar Programs!

Open for summer enrollment: Grad School Rockstar Programs!

May 1, 2017 News + Events

Grad School Rockstar Program Blog ImageIdeas on Fire’s Summer 2017 Grad School Rockstar Program and Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp are now open!

Enroll before May 31, 2017 to get 10% off!

We all know grad school is a challenge from the first semester on through the dissertation process; the pace is fast and the expectations are high. It can be difficult to manage your day-to-day and big-picture goals and harder still to ask for help.

That’s where we come in! Our Rockstar programs give you the tools and support to help you thrive rather than just survive grad school. We built the Rockstar programs specifically to help you build a thriving interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented career and life that helps you collectively create the change you want to see in the world.

Sign up to get:

  • Individual attention: A personal Rockstar coach who works with you on your key areas of focus
  • Targeted curriculum: 10 downloadable lessons and activity worksheets to help you learn how to develop a writing routine, manage your time and energy, organize your research materials, productively edit your work, wrangle your email, build supportive community, and care for your whole, embodied self in the process
  • Continued support for your goals: Lifetime access to our weekly office hours for personalized feedback from the entire Rockstar team on your progress toward your goals
  • Exclusive content: Twice-monthly webinars in which we deep-dive on topics such as pedagogy in the public sphere, organizing your dissertation chapters, public speaking in and beyond academia, navigating academic conferences, writing syllabi that work, building diverse careers both within and beyond the tenure track, and more
  • Interdisciplinary community: Lifetime access to our private online community where you can get encouragement and work with other Rockstars pursuing interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented careers

Flexible pricing options are available for both the Grad School Rockstar Program and Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp, and if you enroll by May 31, 2017 you can save 10% off your order.

Come join us!

Cathy Hannabach: