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Through Ideas on Fire, I offer a variety of workshops and trainings for academic departments, community organizations, and professional associations.

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Book Building Bootcamp

You’re working on your first (or next) next big book project. You have a great idea but are stuck in the weeds of revisions, wondering when the thing will ever be finished. You know that in today’s academic publishing market you need a compelling book proposal and audience for the project, but don’t know where to start.

In this faculty workshop for academic departments, you’ll develop a full revision and/or writing schedule for your book to finally finish and rock your publisher’s socks off.

You’ll also build a following around your book before it ever goes to print, ensuring its attraction to academic publishers as well as its ability to make a big impact in your fields and beyond.

Finally, you’ll draft a kick-ass book proposal outline that will let your work shine.

Crafting an Academic Book Proposal

What makes for a great academic book proposal? What are publishers looking for and how can you make your proposal stand out from the crowd?

In this faculty workshop for academic departments, you’ll learn the elements of a compelling book proposal for scholarly presses. Focusing on interdisciplinary academic monographs and edited collections, we’ll discuss finding the right acquisitions editor for your project, submission timelines, cover letters, and the proposal itself.

Come learn how to make your proposal shine and find the right publisher for your interdisciplinary project.

Revising Your Dissertation into a Book

Turning your dissertation into a book can be daunting. You’ve been working on this project for a decade but don’t know what else can be done to turn it from a student exercise into a cohesive and marketable book that specific audiences will actually buy.

In this faculty workshop for academic departments, you’ll tackle the process of revising your dissertation into your first book.

We’ll cover finding a new frame for the project, how to identify your audiences and use them to guide the revision process, what needs to be cut and what needs to be added, and constructing that strong narrative arc across the project necessary to turn it from a dissertation into a scholarly book.

Dissertation Writing Plans

Are you writing your dissertation but struggling to make daily progress? You love your project but after taking care of the never-ending deluge of teaching, advising, academic service, conferences, and job applications, you rarely have the energy, time, or inspiration to write.

In this graduate student workshop based on the Grad School Rockstars program, you’ll develop a holistic dissertation writing plan and timeline, a personalized writing routine that allows you to write regularly, meet your goals, and avoid burning out.

Additionally, you’ll make a plan for a writing group that provides the community, accountability, and support you need to finally finish your dissertation.

From Research to Writing

You have an awesome dissertation topic. You’ve assembled your team of advisors and mentors. You even have been rocking the writing process (well, at least you’re working on it). But what to do with all of those notes, research, and chunks of research?

In this graduate student workshop based on the Grad School Rockstars program, you’ll learn how to organize all your research into actual dissertation chapters—both big-scale (across the dissertation as a whole) and small- scale (within each chapter itself). Chapter organization and structure can be a daunting task—where to begin? What should go in Chapter 1 and what should wait until Chapter 5? Should you write the Introduction first or leave it to the very end? We’ll cover different strategies for navigating these questions as you build your dissertation.

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