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Pace Your First Mile:

How to Survive Your First Semester of Grad School

The first semester of grad school is the hardest. Whether fresh out of an undergraduate/master’s Road-Maps-300x200program, or returning to academia after a break, you’re about to embark on a long, challenging marathon. The adjustments are many and often overwhelming: piles of books and articles to read; demanding, lengthy papers; classroom expectations to perform like a scholar; acquainting yourself with your department’s culture and politics; cultivating relationships with future mentors; and maybe even juggling a teaching assistant appointment. Meanwhile, you’re not just beginning a new career, but a new life: settling into an unfamiliar location; navigating a new university; making friends and colleagues; perhaps meeting partner/family obligations; and, if there’s time left in the day, taking care of the very thing that makes a life of the (interdisciplinary, progressive) mind possible—your body.

In this hands-on, “Pace Your First Mile” workshop you will: Focus on the unique challenges—institutional, habitual, and affective—that face incoming grad students; Discover concrete, sustainable solutions—rooted in self-care, community-building, and social justice—that will ensure a smoother, more productive transition into scholastic life; Develop an individualized and comprehensive Road Map that will map out your weekly tasks and larger goals to make sure you get it all done while maintaining your mind, body, and soul; and Learn strategies from our Grad School Rockstar Program which will continue your run towards the finish line.

Rock Your Qualifying Exams

study-1968077_1920Do you have qualifying exams coming up but don’t know where to start preparing? Are you staring at a huge list of texts and wondering how on earth you’re going to get through them all? In this workshop based on our Grad School Rockstar Program, you’ll learn how to work your way through your qualifying exams reading lists, take smart notes, practice for both the written and oral exam, prepare your day-of materials (including tech, a tech backup plan, meals, breaks, sleep, research materials, and exercise), and harness the momentum of the exam afterwards to rock your dissertation. Additionally, if you’re just getting started, you’ll learn how to get crystal clear on your department’s quals expectations, enlist a team of supporters including your advisors and others, and create smart qualifying exam text lists.

Finish That Dissertation!:

Writing Routines That Actually Work

Laptop--Writing Routines 300x200Are you writing your dissertation but struggling to make daily progress? You love your project but after taking care of the never-ending deluge of teaching, advising, event organizing, and job applications, you rarely have the energy, time, or inspiration to write. In this group workshop based on our Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp, you’ll develop a personalized and comprehensive daily writing routine that allows you to write regularly, meet your goals, and avoid burning out. Additionally, you’ll make a plan for a writing group that provides the community, accountability, and support you need to finally finish your awesome dissertation.

Book Building Bootcamp

Book 300x200You’re working on your first (or next) next big book project. You have a great idea but are stuck in the weeds of revisions, wondering when the thing will ever be finished. You know that in today’s academic publishing market you need a compelling book proposal and audience for the project, but don’t know where to start. In this faculty workshop teaching the same techniques we used with our editing clients, you’ll develop a full revision and/or writing schedule for your book to finally finish and rock your publisher’s socks off. You’ll also draft a kick-ass book proposal outline that lets your book shine.

Rock Your Sabbatical

Sabbatical-300x200Do you have a much-needed sabbatical coming up but don’t know how to best complete all your projects? You need a plan for using that precious sabbatical time wisely. In this faculty workshop, you’ll develop a personalized and comprehensive road map for all your sabbatical projects, as well as the support networks and habits you’ll need to get all those projects done. You’ll map out where you’re headed and how to get there, and learn how to have a life outside of work to ensure you return from your sabbatical prolific, accomplished, and ready to go.

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