Theories and History of Sexuality

This course is an introduction to the critical interdisciplinary study of sexuality as it is constituted through gender, race, class, nation, and dis/ability. This course will begin by examining the invention of sexuality as a category of identification and analysis in the context of western modernity, and move through the ways that various disciplines and interdisciplinary fields have theorized and produced sexuality through discourses of race, gender, dis/ability, and class.

The course will interrogate constructions of sexuality in specific historical and cultural contexts and from a variety of disciplinary locations. Topics will include genealogies of sexuality and sexual identity, queer dis/ability, sexual citizenship, transgender and transsexual theorizations of gender and sexuality, performance, psychoanalytic approaches to sexuality, and queer of color critique.


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  • University:
    University of California, Davis
  • When:
    Summer 2008