Op-Ed on Prop 8: Beyond Marriage

Beyond Marriage, On Prop 8

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ABSTRACT: This co-authored op-ed addresses the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California, and in particular mainstream lesbian and gay critiques of it. We argue that responses by organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign reflect a largely white, wealthy, and gender normative gay and lesbian perspective and fail to attend to the vital critiques raised by queers of color and transgender people of color. We advocate that LGBT activism prioritize struggles against poverty, inadequate health care and police brutality. These goals would necessarily address racism, classism and state violence in ways that the current marriage movement does not. For example, the movement ignores how marriage may be experienced as a form of violence (rather than an act of love) by communities of color and poor communities coerced into marriage by U.S. welfare reform and healthcare poli- cies. While sometimes strategically useful, marriage should not be the primary way to access these basic resources and protections

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    California Aggie. 18 November 2008.
  • Co-authors:
    Toby Beauchamp, Abigail Boggs, Steven Blevins, Cynthia Degnan, Benjamin D’Harlingue, Cathy Hannabach, Tristan Josephson, Liz Montegary, Judy Sanchez, Kara Thompson, and Mark Yanez.