A Note from the Unicorns: A Cultural Studies PhD Program Responds to Michael Berubé

Note from the Unicorns, On the Cultural Studies PhD

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ABSTRACT: Responding to Michael Berubé’s controversial piece “What’s the Matter with Cultural Studies?,” this co-authored op-ed critiques the privilege at work in easy dismissals of interdisciplinary academic fields. Cultural studies offer the very tools and techniques necessary to fight back against the widespread undermining of the public education mandate not only in California but around the country, one aspect of which includes the devaluing and underfunding of the humanities and allied social sciences. We argue that an indictment such as Bérubé’s ignores the larger institutional structures surrounding processes of knowledge production and directs attention away from the economic catastrophe currently threatening public education on a national scale.

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    Bully Bloggers. 23 September, 2009.