Book Marketing: Audience & Author Platform

Book Marketing, Audience & Author PLatform

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This is an excerpt from my guide Book Marketing for Academics.

Excerpts from Chapter 1: What Is an Author Platform and Why Do You Need One? and Chapter 2: Identify Your Audience

Book marketing begins long before your book is ever published. It begins many years before, when you first start conceiving of the ideas in it and talking about those ideas with others. Every conference paper you deliver, brainstorming session you have with friends, or emails you exchange about which presses you should seek a contract from are all examples of book marketing: you are talking about your book in public, generating interest from others in your book’s ideas, and whetting the appetite of your potential audience. Planning for this long-term marketing is a crucial part of building your author platform and helping your book down the line.

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    Ideas on Fire. October 10, 2016