Anxious Embodiment, Disability, and Sexuality: A Response to Margrit Shildrick

Anxious Embodiment, Disability, and Sexuality

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ABSTRACT: This piece responds to Margrit Shildrick’s “Dangerous Dis- courses,” which offers a theorization of embodiment useful to several fields of scholarship, including disability studies, gen- der theory, and queer theory. I argue that these fields must take sexuality seriously as a site for both bodily construction and bodily disruption and that the complexities of corporeal contact offer a way to map how discourses of (dis)ability, gen- der, and race delimit what we perceive as a human body. More expansively, I contend that perception is just as constructed as gender, with norms of embodiment shaping what we perceive as the boundary between disabled and nondisabled bodies. Shildrick’s article then becomes a starting point to ask how we might perceive not just difference but differently, opening up new ways to think and live embodiment.

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    Studies in Gender and Sexuality 8.3 (2007): 253-61.